John & Wendy

A while back I was inspired to "listen and write". I created a series of children's books on the 10 Commandments and Jesus the Good Shepherd. God's plan for the world is that we all know Him, love Him, and walk with Him by faith. He gives us His Holy Spirit to comfort, strengthen, and teach us His ways. We are taught to love Him and others. He also writes His laws on our heart so we can have the rewards of living within the blessings of His Commandments. These books will help parents and grandparents instill these moral and spiritual values in their children.

Children's Books

New Book

God’s plan is that we all receive the revelation of His Son Jesus and believe Him so He can come to live in our hearts. We become His children. John the Baptist announced that the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world was coming soon. God was about to arrive in the flesh but would people receive Him? Would they believe Him? What could John say that would help them believe? He said to turn to God for help. In God's light we can see the truth of who God is. He saves us from sin to adopt us as His own children. This book investigates what the Scriptures say about Jesus being the light of the world and how that helps us see and believe the truth.